Why Buying Office Furniture Is An Investment Not An Expense

2bIt might seem that furniture is nothing to get too excited over when you have a business to run. But the link between comfort in the working environment and worker productivity means that when it comes to office furniture, business owners should take the subject very seriously.

The key term is ergonomics, which refers to the quality of the working environment. But despite the technical term, there is little need to worry about the cost of buying specifically designed ergonomic furniture. In fact, even refurbished furniture can play a key part in enhancing the quality of the office environment.

At Kenn Office Furniture, we have always highlighted to customers that office furniture is an investment not an expense. This is because the benefits of buying good quality furniture includes improved productivity – something that can only be good for any business.

Ergonomics and Office Furniture

So, what is ergonomics anyway? Basically, it refers to anything in the workplace that contributes to the overall environment. Office furniture is a big part of this, but other influential elements include air quality, office design and layout, office lighting, and the level of noise staff are subjected to.

According to a report released in 2012 by ComCare, the Australian government’s official workers’ compensation insurer, the benefits of investing in worker health and wellbeing are significant.  It quoted one survey which revealed the healthiest employees are almost three times more effective than the least healthy, with the healthiest employees working approximately 143 effective hours per month compared to 49 effective hours per month by the least healthy.

With office workers spending most of their time sitting at their desks, a crucial piece of office furniture in promoting a healthier working environment is the chair. Some features that these chairs have include:

  •  lombar (or lower back) support
  • adjustable arms and backs
  • adjustable seat height
  • good padding (seat and back)

Enhancing the Workplace

There is no denying that the cost of new ergonomic office chairs is higher than for normal chairs, but chairs represent just one part of the overall office furniture range. Enhancing the workplace to make it a better and more comfortable working environment involves much more.

Other aspects include the height and dimensions of work desks, filing cabinets, storage units and wall cabinets. Plant boxes are just as important, promoting cleaner air in offices by providing space for plants. All of these can be purchased as refurbished furniture, items that have been repaired and then resold.

The quality of refurbished furniture is not lower than new furniture, but it does cost less. And with other ergonomic contributors enhancing the visual quality at work (paintings, sculptures, colour schemes etc), there is more look at than just office furniture.

At Kenn Office Furniture, we take great pride in the difference our range of ergonomic furniture is making to the quality of Melbourne’s office. And with a range of refurbished furniture on offer too, we can provide lower-cost improvements to companies looking after their workers’ health and wellbeing.

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