How Buying Refurbished Office Furniture Benefits Your Company

Getting furniture for your office is serious business. But it would be a mistake to think buying refurbished office furniture is a cheap option. There are real benefits to be enjoyed.

True, you will pay less but low cost office furniture does not mean cheap furniture. Benefits and advantages are:

  • An environmentally-friendly image is developed.
  • Practical and design options.

As one of Victoria’s leading names in office furniture, we at Kenn Office Furniture are keenly aware of modern business needs. But we also know from first-hand experience how refurbished office furniture is a viable option. So what are the benefits you can expect?

What exactly is Refurbished Office Furniture?

Before we get into that, you may be interested to know what we mean by ‘refurbished’. Yes, it is recycled furniture, but other ‘remanufactured’ and ‘reused’ furniture are included. All three types are low cost office furniture but there is a difference between them. Basically:

  • Refurbished office furniture is previously used furniture that has been spruced up and made to look as good as new. It’s the same item, but:

o Upholstery has been replaced.

o Scratches have been treated.

o Loose hinges have been tightened.

  • Remanufactured office furniture is furniture that has been:

o Disassembled

o Cleaned


Parts are completely replaced to meet manufacturing standards. The process affects furniture structure rather than its appearance and is often marketed as ‘as new’ furniture.

  • Re-used office furniture is used furniture simply sold without:

o Any repairs

o Improvements made

It’s marketed as ‘as-is’ furniture. Understandably, this low cost office furniture offers the biggest savings but the lowest quality.

The 3 Key Benefits

Between these categories, the main difference is the condition you buy them in, but the actual pluses are more than aesthetic. Refurbished office furniture offers the greatest balance of the three key benefits – which are:

 1. Financial Savings 

 By definition, low cost office furniture saves you money. Exactly how much depends on several factors, but refurbished costs lower than remanufactured furniture. According to commercial property website,, a refurbished workstation can cost just 66% ($1,000) than a new workstation ($1,500).

 2. Environmental Impact

Refurbishing furniture is better for the environment than disposing in a landfill. According to research commissioned by UK sustainable development charity, Wrap:

  • 200,000 (or 14%) office desks and 295,000 chairs are recycled every year, with 10% of all furniture refurbished.
  • Recycling furniture reduces about 15,600 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually

 3. Design Options

 Newly manufactured furniture ticks all the boxes when it comes to design and comfort, but market demands limit options. With refurbished office furniture,

  • These boxes are also ticked.
  • It’s possible to source a wider range of designs.

You can choose your own colours and patterns. Retro options can be found, giving your office a unique character, while more recent ‘old’ designs can marry extremely well with a modern image.

Quality Concerns

As we’ve already mentioned, low cost office furniture does not translate to cheap quality or price. Refurbishing is all about improved furniture appearance and quality.

Here at Kenn Office Furniture, we only supply what our customers want: refurbished office furniture that meet industry as well as market standards. Check out our range for more details, or contact us at (03) 9311-5536 and speak to one of our team.