21 March, 2015

How Buying Refurbished Office Furniture Benefits Your Company

Getting furniture for your office is serious business. But it would be a mistake to think buying refurbished office furniture […]
21 March, 2015

Office Storage Options are More Than Metal Storage Cupboards

So, you’ve chosen office chairs and desks for your staff.  What about office storage? Several selections are out there: From […]
18 March, 2015

Why You Should Choose KENN Office Furniture?

If you need a new office furniture and are not sure where to go, you should consider going to KENN. […]
15 March, 2014

Why Buying Office Furniture Is An Investment Not An Expense

It might seem that furniture is nothing to get too excited over when you have a business to run. But […]
15 March, 2014

Top 5 Office Furniture Every Modern Office Should Have

Every new office needs furniture before it opens its doors. But for a modern office, simply having desks and chairs […]