The Different Functions of Office Desks

From our playful days as a child in nursery school to our moment of retirement from active work, we have needed desks for different reasons. We had our study desk in our bedroom, perhaps the first item of value invested in our name, to the office desks that represented our position at the company where we worked. Come to think of it, many of us have probably spent half of our lifetime behind desk. Desks are an integral piece of office and often home furniture and can signify us moving up the ladder of our organisational hierarchy, as we would most likely experience using different desks for the different work positions we have occupied.

Here is a look at the different office desks we may have used during our working years.

  1. The computer desk. This is probably the most popular desk of the modern office. With its utilitarian functionality, it is designed and made to hold the computer unit and its accessories. It is a very versatile furniture piece as it can hold the different parts of the desktop, and may be positioned at the exact angle the user requires to view the screen. If you happen to have been assigned a working desk also for your use, the roller-movable computer desk becomes an accessory desk placed at the side or behind where you are seated. It can also accommodate a printer or table copier, has a foot stand and a platform for the equipment accessories.
  2. The executive desk. We cannot fail to notice this desk for its sheer size, and make. It is usual for status definition in most companies to vary the desk sizes of their executives to position level and authority. Although some companies are playing this practice down, desk size has remained a symbolic identifier of title, for want of any other more convenient method. Certainly, the higher the rank, the bigger the desk. Of course, this is in addition to other position perks such as a bigger enclosed space and other distinctive privileges.
  3. The clerical desk. Most of us would have passed this level and would have used this type of office desk at the beginning of our career. It is as if we went through early schooling (remember the cute pupil’s desk at the nursery with all those emblazoned alphanumeric colourful prints on top of the desk?). The clerical desk is grade one at work. By their sheer number and size, clerical desks are assigned to the rank and file employees and are designed for writing and clerical work. Otherwise, the desk is where the laptop is placed if a computer table is not assigned. The clerical desk usually has a wide drawer beneath the top with enough knee room underneath plus a set of narrower drawers on the right side for file storage.
  4. The credenza desk. This type of desk is used as a complementary space for an executive desk or even a clerical desk where no computer desk is assigned. It is usually positioned vertical to the primary desk to make it accessible to the user by simply moving to it when needed. More recently, credenza desks have been found to be useful furniture to complement the conference table in a conference room, serving various functions as additional space for conference materials or as space to hold presentation devices.
  5. The secretary’s desk. This desk has assumed an identity of its own, given that a secretary will almost always be present in an office to provide assistance to the executive. As such, the secretary’s desk has adapted to that role, in size and even in design. In most offices, the secretary has the rank of a manager, and is assigned a primary table that fits that rank. It often follows that the secretary’s desk has a credenza companion.

There are other desk types that are identifiable by their respective functions like the floating desk which is a desk mounted to a wall to save on horizontal space, or a corner desk which is usually an L-shaped desk meant to utilise the corner space. Desks may also be classified according to the materials that are used to manufacture or assemble them. The most common are wood, metal and glass.

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