Why a Good Filing System Is Important in the Office

The Story of the Business

Every business has a story to tell, so to speak. It may be a tangible product or a professional service that is made available to a target market and how this product or service has made life easy and more comfortable for them. Such information has to be encoded and captured in some documents to serve as a permanent record of these transactions.

In its simplest form, a good filing system has to have the basic information about the business: corporate documents, operating procedures, and the manner it conducts its business to achieve corporate results. As business is dynamic, business transactions happen in such volumes that an organised system of arranging and storing them has to be in place, otherwise the business will not be able to move smoothly due to an information disarray or even overload.

The need for a data filing system

So a filing system is needed, no matter how simple or small the business may be. Of course, the more complex the business, the more organised the filing system has to be. Personnel records, sales records, accounting records, and other similar files have to be created, sorted and arranged in a logical easy-to-understand methodology.

A filing system can be a simple alphabetical arrangement of folders by subject or name titles. If the transactions are numerous, the system can involve a multi-category classification with files arranged alphabetically or chronologically. In modern large companies, aside from their paper filing system, the businesses keep computerised or data filing systems that automatically archive all information that is worth capturing on record.

Suitable data storage

In all such situations where files are to be kept, the business needs a suitable receptacle or holder/ container or storage that will not only secure the files and keep them safe against possible damagebut also enable their users to gain comfortable and easy access to them.

Providing such functionality to file storage and container systems are well-known filing cabinets which come in either wood or steel. The storage must allow for either a horizontal or vertical arrangement as needed by their users. You may decide to have some files out in the open for easy taking or inside a secure drawer where confidentiality is necessary.

Compatibility to existing lay-out

Inevitably, the choice of a furniture filing system to be installed will not only have to meet the suitability test to the requirements of the office files but will also consider its adaptability or compatibility with the rest of the furniture laid out in the office.

We at Kenn Office Furniture recognise the importance of an organised office filing system in place at your office. As much as you value a good filing system, we attach a similar worth to our own files.

At Kenn, we have a wide selection of various sizes, styles and makes of furniture that can be suitable for file storage. The selection includes office storage units that are well-designed to hold your files properly and securely. You can choose from our quality bookcases, pigeon holes and filing cabinets. If you are aiming for work stations, we have packages that already include the office table and office storage.

If you wish, we can help you set up a custom-built storage system and make it blend perfectly with your existing furniture arrangement.