The Important Segments of Your Office

reception area

While your office is important as an entire entity we believe it can be broken down into three very important areas that each require their own attention. Your workspace as the person in charge, your staff’s area and reception can all show their own style yet provide the comfort and efficiency needed to help run a successful business.

Your work space:

You are the foundation of the company and we feel that when you are paying attention to your area it is not because you want to make a statement about your authority, but it is because this will make you more effective in running your business.

We recommend that you take the time to plan for your office space that is designated for you carefully. You need a spacious area to perform your administrative work in. We believe that you should focus on a good quality desk that is going to meet your needs rather than how much space it is going to take up.

If you can plan your office from scratch this gives you an advantage of how to lay out the office furniture that is going to be needed in it. Your desk is where the hub of your activity is going to take place. It should be big enough to enable you to work in an organised fashion and not so small it looks cluttered. You want the desk situated so you can see who is entering the office and be able to converse with them without having stands or shelving on the desk obscuring your view. You can have the option of having a side bar to use for your computer needs.

As part of your desk needs, you also need to choose a chair that is built for comfort but in such a fashion that it is going to help prevent fatigue. Here it is best to use an ergonomic chair. You will most likely want a swivel chair which allows you to easily turn to view all of the areas of your office. Hydraulic office chairs are good if you want to adjust the height of the chair especially if others are going to be using it.

Within your main office space you also want to have chairs that can be placed in front of your desk so you can provide proper seating for your staff or visitors. You will have plenty of materials to choose from, but we suggest using ones that are easy to clean.

Then within your office space you are also going to require a sitting area that is more informal and away from your desk setting. As office furniture suppliers we at KennOffice Furniture enjoy being able to offer a good selection for this area of the office. We realise that this may be an area where you need to converse with important clients and you want the area to depict your professionalism, but at the same time provide comfort for you.

Your employees’ workspace

If you have a lot of employees there are plenty of options to offer quality desks at affordable prices. We recommend that you carefully study the needs of each worker so you can choose furniture that is most applicable to their needs. Again you will want to ensure that they are able to use ergonomic office chairs to help prevent fatigue. As a Victoria-based office furniture supplier we make sure we have a good selection on hand, and also carry quality used office furniture that helps with those on a strict budget.

The reception area:

Reception area is an equally important area for your office. You want it to have attractive decor and use office furniture that depicts professionalism yet creates a warm inviting feeling and is comfortable. Again you will want to choose office furniture for this area that is going to be easy to clean yet be durable and will retain its new appearance. You may want to consider certain colours to effectively represent your company so warm and inviting or colourful and energetic. This is the first are that your clients will see so make sure it makes the right impression.

These three areas depict who you are as a business person and demand the extra attention that is needed when picking the right office furniture. At Kenn Office Furniture we pride ourselves on offering Melbourne’s finest office furniture at affordable prices.

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