Office Makeovers: What’s In and What’s Out

With various innovations in technology coming from all directions, it’s inevitable not to adapt to these latest innovations and be kept updated, or be swept away. Modern design and fine quality office furniture is no exception to this need for adaptation. The office of today should be equipped with furniture that has a mix of quality, functionality and sophistication. This is something that Kenn Office Furniture proudly offers to clients looking for finest quality office furniture either for commercial or domestic use.

Knowing the desires of our client to be in with the modern office look and style, we at Kenn Office Furniture ensure that no compromises will be made on the perennial considerations of the following:

  • Quality;
  • Functionality;
  • Elegance;
  • Durability; and
  • Costs

In fact, we at Kenn Office Furniture made surveys on different office environments and found a number of office makeover or change-over points. Three of the significant changes are presented here for the benefit of those who want to make their offices a more stylish yet productive place to work.

The Paradigm Shift for an Intelligent Office

The change is simply too natural and too fast to ignore. But, you need not be dazzled or blinded by the speed and volume of information that suddenly at the click of your finger becomes available to you. What’s more important is for you to recognize that your present office configuration must be changed to become more relevant.

The modern office incorporates technology in its modern design, even as it pays respect to the environment, by reducing physical spaces in favour of making provision for nature. The trend is to make every space become a stimulus for greater productivity, creativity and efficiency.

The modern office should also focus on making information less voluminous by reducing or even eliminating paper files in favour of a virtual or digital file. High technology will make the office worker more equipped but with less to carry. Even with less space, there should be more meeting areas and furnishings. The modern office should be a venue for greater output at work, with more worker interaction and more intelligent furniture pieces. It must also have more freedom of movement and thinking, as well as greater opportunity for collaboration.

Stand-Up Furniture

Quite inevitably, the large office table in the workplace will make way for a new work style and ethic. However, the need for changing the sit-down work style has spawned the creation of the stand-up desk and table.

Add to this the latest findings on health identifying sit-down work style as responsible for most of the ailments of the workers. Hence, a new wave of stand-up desk designs are emerging and advancing to be recognized.

The advantages cited for stand-up desks include increased energy coming from the de-constriction of blood flow at sit-down position, improved posture and greater relief from stress caused by back pains. It also promotes improved alertness due to the resulting efficient blood circulation throughout the body. The most often cited benefit of course is the improved physical agility at the ready stand-up position which increases the potential for worker engagement.

Trestle Furniture

A trestle is a sturdy frame that is used to support a flat heavy load on top, as in a bridge or a table top. Trestle tables became popular in the Middle Ages because of their ease of assembly. In the modern times, as a consequence of the shift, trestle tables are staging a significant comeback.

Of course, their presence is being inspired by the trend towards the intelligent office where the key element is adaptability without compromising durability, elegance as well as economy, and if we may add, heritage.

Trestle tables are very simple in design yet very elegant. Some larger trestle desks are simply supported at the two opposite ends and connected together beneath the table top, at mid-height or at the base of the table. One of the distinctive functionalities of the trestle table is the wide legroom available for its user. If done with the right finish and colour, trestle tables can be a boon for the modern office.

Latest models of trestle tables adopt new materials for the trestles and the table top, apart from wood. There are now trestles made of stainless steel with a combination of wooden table top. Others are a combination of stainless steel and glass table top. All these are very modern and very elegant designs. They can add a very regal look to your office environment. Imagine yourself sitting and working in one of these steel-and-glass trestles tables with your laptop on it. Sure, it would be a very conducive and inductive for highly creative work!

These are just three of the latest or “in” items in the modern office scenery. There are other trendy office furniture ideas that you can add to your workplace. For more information regarding this, we invite you to visit us at and check out other modern furniture ideas and designs.