Office Storage Options are More Than Metal Storage Cupboards

So, you’ve chosen office chairs and desks for your staff.  What about office storage? Several selections are out there:

  • From wood desk drawers
  • To metal storage cupboards

Getting it right can make a huge difference to office efficiency.

At Kenn Office Furniture, we often advised customers on the significance of adequate storage, and the difference it can make. Some believe that with a few drawers and cupboards, storage needs can be covered – especially in these ‘paper-free’ days. A huge amount of everyday office supplies, files and paperwork need to be kept neatly, yet remain accessible.

The type of storage item you choose depends on your:

  • Needs
  • Interior décor

Other factors that need to be considered are:

  • Durability
  • Available space
  • Expected storage demands
  • Accessibility

Office Storage Options

So, what is available out there? And what options work best in specific conditions? Well, as already mentioned, the choice that works best is dependent on a specific office. Compare:

  • Metal storage cupboards and filing cabinets are chosen for their practical traits.
  • Wooden items are chosen for aesthetic reasons.


An essential option for law offices, but equally important as a storage option where document folders are accessed frequently. Bookcases vary in height and width so can fit almost any space. Shelves are usually adjustable, so specific needs can be served. Commonly available in charcoal black or white, with these shelvings:

  • Beech
  • Cherry
  • Redwood


A credenza is a long cupboard storage unit placed against a wall. Their design is similar to living room furniture, which makes them:

  • The most stylish office storage options.
  • A favourite amongst executives.

The storage space they offer makes them extremely practical too. A buffet is a shorter version of a credenza.


Another office must-have, though its uses range dramatically. Both wood and metal storage cupboards are perfect for keeping files, folders and office supplies. There are 2 principal designs available, with full-door and half-door options. Full doors keep everything locked away, behind these:

  • Wood or metal out-swinging double-doors.
  • Metal retractable doors that keep aisles free at all times.

Pigeon Holes 

Ideal for busy administration offices, these open grid storage options allow communiqués (letters, notes etc.) to be left for individual office staff. The pigeon holes often come in:

  • 8 (1×8)
  • 20 (4×5)
  • 36 (3×12)

The first is ideal for storing large sheets of paper or blueprints. Unlike cupboards, storage slots are open so they’re easily accessible.

Filing Cabinets 

A long-standing type of storage furniture, filing cabinets are available in a range of sizes and materials. The most common remains metal, with tall single-width 4-drawer cabinets that provide room for hundreds of files.   They are often used as metal storage cupboards, especially when bulky office supplies or equipment need to be locked away safely.

Quality Concerns

Since our inception, Kenn Office Furniture has provided the very best in wood and metal storage cupboards, cabinets, bookcases and more. With our reputation built firmly in quality, our customers know we are the come-to people for the best selection out there.

Of course, when it comes to choosing the right cabinet, credenza or cupboard storage units, and your own office is the key. Call us at (03) 9311-5536 and speak to one of our experienced team to discuss the options that best suit your needs.