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Office Partitions

Are you looking for the perfect way to increase productivity in your workplace? Look no further. Office partitions have proven to increase employee productivity by allowing them to narrow their focus to set tasks and help in eliminating distractions.

Kenn Office Furniture has a variety of suitable options to choose from. Whether you want small desk-mounted partitions or large free-standing partitions to break up space in your office, we have you covered.

Every purchase you make for your business is an investment for the future. All of our partitions are protected by a complete five-year warranty offering you excellent protection and peace of mind for your investment.

As with all our products at Kenn Office Furniture, if we don’t have an item that matches your requirements, we can happily custom design any piece of furniture you may need. Visit our store or call us today on 9311 5536 to discuss the best office partitions in Melbourne. Increase your productivity today.