Mobile Caddies & Pedestals [42]

Mobile Pedestals

Are you looking for the valuable storage of a filing cabinet without the problem of having a big, heavy piece of immovable furniture clogging up space? A mobile pedestal will solve all your problems in one hit.

A mobile pedestal functions in much the same way as a filing cabinet, with the added bonus of wheels making it conveniently portable and ideal to move around where you wish. Many pedestals fit snuggly under or next to your office desk.

A mobile pedestal is a great addition to the office, allowing you to keep files neat and tidy and aiding the overall look and professionalism of your business. A tidy and respectable office is critical to a well-run business.

Talk to us about creating custom mobile pedestals that perfectly match the style and size of your existing office furniture to provide your business with a stylish, cohesive look.

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