Quality Office Furniture for Your Workplace


With the modern office assuming a more distinct role in achieving the goal of more productivity in a highly competitive environment, there has been no better time than now to affirm the presence of quality furniture in our offices. While the status of an office is not determined by the quality of its furniture but by the productivity of its occupants, it is now well-known that the type and quality of office furniture greatly influences the level of output that employees generate.

Types of office furniture

Quality office furniture may be classified according to several types: by function, by area or space usage, by material used, or by theme. Most interior designers and productivity experts will recommend the proper coordination of the type of office furniture with the different aspects of an office not only for the greater goal of productivity but for the grander goal of aesthetics.

By function

When furnishing the interior of an office with the necessary quality furniture, the function of the occupant is first and foremost consideration. That is to say that an executive must have a suitable executive desk and executive chair, a back cabinet, a small meeting table with chairs, a lounging sofa for receiving guests, and perhaps a presentation board.

Certainly, the materials by which these furniture pieces are made should abide by the preferences of the executive but must also be quality-adapted to the rest of the furniture inside the entire office. If wood is chosen, it must be a good quality durable wood. The theme should follow the executive’s choice as in modern, traditional or Victorian, to cite a few.

An executive secretary’s set of quality office furniture should consist of a secretary’s desk with swivel chair, a credenza, a filing cabinet and visitors’ chairs.

A clerk should have a clerical desk with matching swivel chair, and a small side table for his computer. The material of the furniture for the clerk and secretary does not have to follow that of the executive’s but may be of lesser value such as tanguile instead of narra wood. The theme however should be adapted to the rest of the furniture in the office.

A manager’s set of furniture should consist of a manager’s desk (certainly bigger in size than the secretary’s or clerk’s table) with matching medium-back swivel chair, a small side or back cabinet or credenza that would fit the size of the area. The material and theme of this set of furniture should adapt to the surrounding furnishings.

By area or space

An office is divided into various areas or spaces that need to be furnished with quality office furniture. The working spaces are those occupied by their registered users such as the executive’s, the manager’s, the clerk’s, and the secretary’s, to mention a few. Other spaces include meeting areas, reception or lounge areas, and the support spaces. These spaces need to be provided with the same quality of office furniture to complete the theme for the whole company.

Furniture sets for meetings should include a conference table with chairs, a credenza desk, a utility cabinet to hold conference paraphernalia, a presentation table and a writing board. Small meeting rooms would usually have a small round table with chairs for two to four persons, a utility table, and a presentation board. An open meeting space, now more common among many large offices, would usually be located in a corner area with a small round table with chairs for two to encourage constant interaction among employees.

The reception area is about the most important part of an office since it is the visual showcase of the whole company. Quality office furniture for the reception area would normally be composed of an elegant sofa set with matching side tables and centre tables displaying business magazines that carry information about the business of the company.

Support spaces include filing areas, storage areas, printing and copying areas, pantry and break areas. All these areas should be furnished with quality office furniture suitable for the space provision. The materials that make up the furniture sets for all the spaces do not have to be expensive. They may look expensive and elegant, which are factors of quality workmanship and finish. In other words, quality can still be superior at lower costs. Of course, the theme must pervade the entire corporate premises.

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